eCom Premier Academy God Bad and Ugly Review

ecom premier academy shopify course

Did you hear about eCom Premier Academy? If so you shoul have already known that it’s a more mature or pro version the old one which was called eCom Experts Academy”

This e-commerce program is around helping people to create their Shopify stores, find their perfect niches to sell easily without have to going through lots of obstacles even they will hand you their best niches for selling thing in Shopify so you don’t have to think about that.

ecom premier academy shopify course

Actually picking a niche for creating and selling products is the hardest one. The reason is clear; no body wants to spend countless of their precious time and hard earned money on something that it may NOT work in the long haul!

That’s why the guys who created e-Com Premier Academy will be giving away those hot selling niche category list inside of their program.

What Else About ecom Premier Academy Course?

They will be providing best drop shipping sources, I mean the ones that use for themselves with you. Dropshipping is the 2nd most painful task in building an e-commerce store and business.

Most of them are unreliable so if this would go wrong, say goodbye to your time and money plus you will lose your motivation to keep going which is even the worst thing that can happen to any online entrepreneur – this is what keeps our bloods running through our bodies the motivation the desire to make money online while sitting at home, and when things went wrong you may not afford that option…

The other things are technical related. eCom Premier Academy review will provide you how to build your Shopiy store with the best converting themes, how to set up your email list, how to create your social media channels to promote yourself.

This is not just make money fast type of product, it basicly will teach you how to build your brand that will make you money over decades, yes you heard it right even if you don’t want to keep that business you’ll have a chance to sell it for x20 for price which can change your life.


Building Business Around Publishing Academy?


Recently I am hearing lot about building business around information products aka publishing business. And in this post I’d liek examine this kind of business model’s vialibility.

It basicly tell create an info product say it e-book or video or audio with the knowledge and experience you’ve already acqured over the years and package that information nicely and do little bit marketing and boom, make money!


My Honest Publish Academy Review

Well of course it’s not that easy at all, there are lots of steps along the way that a person needs to go through. Inside of this Publish Academy review students will be hold by hand and will be shown them to the exact steps. One of the most important ones are:

1- Picking a right kind of niche: Anik Singal even created a huge module around that topic inside of the Publish Academy training. Most people have no idea what is a niche, how to pick one, how to analyze it according to the competition which is always nice to have and for market demand. It’s a tough process but the profitability of this business model lies in that step.

2- Blueprint of the product: this means you need to put your knowledge into the paper systematicly so people who will buy your product can easily consume it. But at first you need to build that structure by yourself.

3- Promoting the product: In this stage you must be build your first information product, congrats! With the help of Anik and the team of Publish Academy you are ready to market your product to whole internet, well at least a portion of them! There are lots of free and paid ways to do it.

Even more you can learn more about Publish Academy program and bonuses at the following URL:

What People Can Expect From The Training?

This course is one of the biggest program out there about creating your info product and becoming authority. So when a person go through all the modules they can expect to build their products in 60 days.

There is 90 days of support, Anik and his team will do their best to help their students to be successful.

Beside of that a person must be willingless to do whatever it takes to finish the training. And has to put couple of hours in it.

According to latest statistics publishing industry is growing like crayz and if you want to get your pie out of this huge cake this is perfect opportunity right in front of your eyes.